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Three Ways to Save through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

by Joe Cooper
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist
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There's no doubt that brand new cabinets are beautiful. But if you like the function of your current kitchen cabinets, and simply want a different look, kitchen cabinet refacing can satisfy your kitchen's need for an update without the cost or hassle of a new cabinet installation.

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Three Ways to Save

When deciding whether to buy or reface, consider these three ways to save money on new kitchen cabinets through refacing:

  1. New doors and drawers

    Ask the kitchen cabinet refacing company of your choice about replacing doors and drawers. They're the cabinet parts that are are used most, and buying new ones will go a long way. The cost will still be less than buying all brand new kitchen cabinets.
  2. Just paint and hardware

    One way to shrink the cost and timeline of your kitchen cabinet refacing project is to consider having your cabinets repainted and new hardware installed. In some cases, a light sanding is all that's needed on kitchen cabinets (as opposed to an entire refinishing).
  3. Downsizing shelves

    Creative shelving is seen in more and more kitchen cabinets, especially in modern kitchens. Removing shelves to make room for larger appliances or spice racks is one way to decrease the number of shelves that need refacing, and widens the options for your kitchen cabinets.

A complete kitchen cabinet refacing will allow you these choices, and more. Consult with a professional contractor to create a solution that works for your kitchen.

About the Author
Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelors in American Literature from UCLA.

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