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The Benefits of Professional Cabinet Refacing

by Joe Cooper
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist
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Are your kitchen cabinets looking a little tired? Cabinet refacing is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to improve their kitchen without the cost or hassle of a total remodel. Consider these benefits to professional cabinet refacing.

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More Space

Hiring a cabinet refacing service to complete your kitchen cabinet refacing project will ensure you maximize the space in your kitchen. Pull-out shelves, built-in dividers, and lazy Susans are just a few of the options that your cabinet refacing company will provide. Remember, cabinet refacing is about your cabinets' interior as well as their exterior.

More Details

Details like corbels, onlays, legs, and glass doors can enhance the look of your kitchen cabinets. Decorative hardware, like hinges and handles, adds a finishing touch that can't be beat. While hardware stores offer some of what you would need to complete a cabinet refacing project on your own, cabinet refacing companies offer much more. Whether your style is country or modern, a cabinet refacer will offer details to fit your taste.

More Options

Even though you only planned to do the cabinets - you might want to consider updating other items while you're at it. Maybe you want a new backsplash, or some new lighting over the sink or island. Hiring a cabinet refacing company connects you to a network of contractors who can assist you with further projects.

When you hire professional cabinet refacing experts you know your kitchen cabinets are installed well. This feeling of confidence is perhaps the number one reason to choose a kitchen cabinet refacing company instead of doing it yourself.

About the Author
Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelors in American Literature from UCLA.

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