Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling - Ideas and Estimates

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Kitchen & Cabinet Refacing Tips

Now you can get the kitchen of your dreams at a much lower cost. Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen - give it a quick facelift with cabinet refacing. In about 3 days a professional team can reface your kitchen cabinets, giving the room a brand new look for less.

Cabinet Refacing Articles

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High Tech Features Boost Kitchen Design »
Want to add a little technology to your kitchen design? While you're refacing your cabinets, consider these options for taking your home technology up a notch. Read More »

Make Your Kitchen a Happier Place through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing »
Kitchen cabinet refacing can not only improve your home's property value, but also your enjoyment of cooking. Read More »

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Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets »

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Featured Cabinet Refacing Companies

Home Depot
Home Depot offers custom-built cabinet doors delivered and installed by a team of licensed professionals in just two to three days. Request a free, in-home consultation. Learn More »

Sears Home Improvement Services
This is an advertisement. Dramatically improve the look of your kitchen with help from Sears-find out how to save $500 on select custom cabinet refacing or kitchen remodeling. Learn More »