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Viva La France: The French Kitchen Cabinet Design

by Kelly Richardson
kitchensandcabinets.com Columnist

Close your eyes and you'll swear you're in Paris. French country style kitchen cabinet designs are all the rage and give off a feeling of real sophistication. Here is the beauty of the French country style.

For a rustic, old world style of decoration that makes a house a home, it is tough to beat natural French country style. And when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, French country style is quite popular. The French country style of kitchen cabinet designs embraces the simplistic and elegant characteristics of the nation. Here are some of the more identifiable features of the French country style kitchen cabinet designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Design: French Country Style

  • Colorful Wood Tones. From brilliant yellow hues to the calm ocean greens, French county style kitchen cabinet designs are very colorful.
  • Rustic Tones. To accent the beautiful colors of the French country style, your kitchen cabinet design will be accented with rustic handles and hinges.
  • Natural Materials. No synthetic kitchen cabinet designs here. The French style depends on natural materials such as carved woods.

Compare the French country kitchen cabinets to other design styles and you will see the benefits. The contrasting textures and colors of your cabinets will add a very real depth your kitchen. And the French country style has many unique qualities that further separate it from other kitchen decorating styles. Here are a couple of them.

The French Country Style Kitchen: Extras

  • Custom Cuts. Your kitchen cabinets can be cut to your exact specifications. Create a cabinet mural that highlights your kitchen decoration. The choice is yours when you select French country kitchen cabinet designs.
  • Matching Wood. Another clever idea for your kitchen cabinet designs is to use the same wood that matches your oversized kitchen table.

For the French country style, the kitchen cabinet design possibilities are endless. Make this style a part of your next remodeling project.

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