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Schuler Cabinetry is High Style for Less Money

by Kelly Richardson
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist

Any time you plan a new design for your home, you always want a wide selection of styles and accessories to customize your theme. When it comes to cabinets, Schuler Cabinetry leads the way with a full menu of exciting looks for your kitchen or bathroom.

Fresh-looking cabinets are just one of the ways that you can energize the look of any room. Schuler cabinetry is poised to provide you the widest selection of designs and accessories of any brand on the market. And no matter what type of budget you happen to be working with, Schuler has got you covered. If money is no object, Schuler offers designs with all wood construction with plywood case components. For those on a stricter budget, select high quality furniture board case components. Both options come with the Schuler cabinetry tradition of excellent craftsmanship and a money-back guarantee of your satisfaction.

Schuler Cabinetry: Options for Every Taste

  • The Ashford. This cabinetry design features double stepped inset detail with wide stiles and rails. The perfect traditional look.
  • The Manhattan. This contemporary style features warm cherry wood with an extra-wide frame with flat recessed panel door.
  • The Prairie. Another unique contemporary style, the Prairie presents clean, simple lines with authentic quarter-sawn oak and deep insert panels on stately doors.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the selection of accessories available with authentic Schuler cabinetry. Accessories are your opportunity to add some flair to your design selections. And Schuler makes it easy to mix and match various styles seamlessly.

Schuler Cabinetry: Accessories Galore

  • Wicker Baskets. You can elect to have wicker baskets installed in drawer slides that are your answer to tough organization issues. These hideaway baskets are made from hardwood weaves that resist wear and tear.
  • Swing Out Shelves. Schuler cabinetry specializes in a range of swing out shelves that make pots and pans disappear within the beautiful look of your new cabinets.

Check out the exciting line of Schuler cabinetry for the widest selection of styles and accessories to be found anywhere.

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