Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling - Ideas and Estimates

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Miriam Kasdan
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist

During their lifetime, kitchen cabinets take a real beating, in terms of the grease and dirt they accumulate over time. Before you consider replacing them, why not just give them a new coat of paint? This will make them look like new, and save you a lot of money.

You can also reface the kitchen cabinets, and just paint the doors instead of replacing them. Refacing the cabinets would involve adding a new veneer to the existing cabinet boxes, and replacing (or painting) the doors and drawer fronts. A top-notch refacing job will start at around $3,500. If even this price seems a little steep, then just settle for painting the cabinets.

Points to Remember

Keep in mind that even the best paint job won't improve on poor kitchen design or hide structural flaws in your kitchen cabinets. Cheap cabinets grow frail with age, and a new coat of paint won't change that. Thin sides and backs, often veneered with vinyl paper, can peel or delaminate. Undersize particleboard cabinet bottoms or shelves can sag or even break. Hanging rails might begin to pull loose.

However, if the damage seems limited to worn surfaces, nicks, or dings, then paint can indeed work wonders, especially if it's coupled with new kitchen cabinet hardware. For professional advice or a second opinion, consult a kitchen contractor. He or she can inspect your kitchen cabinets to help you make the right decision in sprucing them up.

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