Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling - Ideas and Estimates

Make Your Kitchen a Happier Place through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

by Joe Cooper
kitchensandcabinets.com Columnist

A home is an investment, and protecting your investment by remodeling spaces like the kitchen is important. But enjoying your kitchen and experiencing maximum functionality is important too.

Love Your Kitchen Too

Most homeowners know the real estate value of a kitchen remodel and the typical increase in property value that it brings to a home. Many homeowners also know the value of kitchen cabinet refacing as a cost- and time-effective alternative to a full-scale kitchen remodel. Refacing can leave your lifestyle, routine, and budget intact after the remodeling project.

But an often overlooked benefit of kitchen cabinet refacing is your own happiness in your kitchen! Celebrity chef Todd English told the Chicago Sun-Times that you can "add value to your kitchen" without ever increasing the home's value. Kitchen cabinet refacing will ideally do both, but focusing on your enjoyment of the kitchen is important.

Love Your Kitchen through Refacing

Improving the appearance of your kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen a more inviting place. Adding extras like a new coat of paint for the walls, a new backsplash, or even new countertops will make time spent in the kitchen a pleasure.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can be a way to add more functionality to your cabinets, too. By hiring a kitchen cabinet refacing company, you will have cabinet options at your disposal. You can replace certain doors if you want to. You can add shelves in certain places, add pull-out drawers, or add new hardware. Kitchen cabinet refacing can radically transform your kitchen.

If you enjoy cooking but don't like your kitchen, kitchen cabinet refacing can be a good jumpstart toward true kitchen happiness.

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Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.