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English Country Kitchen Cabinet Design

by Kelly Richardson
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist

English country style highlights a classic, smart look with a hint of refined taste. You can make the English country style a part of your kitchen cabinet design and enjoy the elegance of this timeless motif.

If you are looking for one single kitchen cabinet design that blends concepts from many different eras into a single, tasteful look, then you might be interested in English country style. English country style kitchen cabinet designs are unique and unmistakable. As a style, English country values things that have been collected over generations as opposed to those bought at a department store. This feeling is evident in the kitchen cabinet designs that you select. Here are some of the appreciated benefits of the English country style kitchen cabinet design.

Kitchen Cabinet Design: English Country Style

  • Deep Wood Tones. As the trend of kitchen cabinet design moves toward a darker, richer wood tone, the English country style features mahogany, walnut, or stained oak and pine.
  • Open Cubbies. Because English country style appreciates collectibles, there are plenty of open cubby holes in your cabinets for display purposes.
  • Patina. After years of dusting and polishing, English country style kitchen cabinet designs develop a refined and welcomed layer of patina.

Despite what you may have heard, the English country style kitchen cabinet design is not all that expensive. Of course, if you select custom designs, it can get a bit pricey. But most manufacturers offer a basic type of kitchen design that falls into the English country style for a reduced price. It can be a tasteful and economical kitchen cabinet design.

The English Country Style Kitchen: Extras

  • In a Deep Frieze. Another inviting benefit of the English country style kitchen cabinet design is called a frieze. This is a wood cutout in the valances of your cabinets that can give your kitchen a custom look.
  • Glass Mullion Doors. Another English country style signature, you can get these beautiful glass doors added to your kitchen cabinet design.

The English country style kitchen cabinet design is the finishing touch on your kitchen remodeling project.

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