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A Good Strategy for Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company

by Joe Cooper
kitchensandcabinets.com Columnist

Researching a kitchen cabinet refacing company's success, customer satisfaction, and costs are just a few smart tactics to use while choosing a company. Ask as many questions as possible of your kitchen cabinet refacing company to ensure your satisfaction at the end of the project.

A History of Success

Make sure the kitchen cabinet refacing company you choose has a history of success. Read articles or press releases about the cabinet refacing company and testimonials from satisfied clients. Keeping up with cabinet refacing industry trends is also a good way to build faith in a company.

Here's a profile of a successful company. One kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing company recently reported strong earnings over three years of business. Based in Arizona, the company has refinished or refaced kitchen cabinets in over 2,500 homes. The average cost to a homeowner ranges from $2,500 to $4,500 for a 3-bedroom home. Many homeowners have chosen this company and been satisfied with the results. This has accounted for a large part of the company's success.

Pay Attention Cabinet Refacing Costs

Kitchen cabinet refacing costs are another important factor to consider when researching cabinet refacing companies. For example, the Arizona company's range ($2,500 - $4,500) is a good target. At another kitchen cabinet refacing company, the kitchen cabinet refacing cost is only $1,000 - $5,000. Most kitchen cabinet refacing costs fall between $1,000 and $10,000.

Interviewing Builds Faith

When you call to research a kitchen cabinet refacing cost, ask questions! Ask questions about timeline, cost, color and material options, and anything else you need to know. A good kitchen cabinet refacing company will readily answer all of your inquiries. When you find one that answers them all to your satisfaction, you can confidently start your kitchen cabinet refacing project.

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