Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling - Ideas and Estimates

Cabinet Refacing Can Boost Resale Value

by Allison E. Beatty
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist

Remodeling for resale is a tricky business, as you are trying to boost your home's value without breaking the bank. After all, you'll soon be selling this home improvement project. Here's how to use cabinet refacing and a few other projects to help increase your home's marketability.

Update Kitchen Design to Increase Resale Potential

The kitchen is the most important room of the house and one that potential home buyers examine closely. As you focus on selling your house in a few years, consider refacing cabinets to update your kitchen design. Here's why:
  • The project is relatively quick and easy. Cabinet refacing often can be completed within a week.
  • Cabinet refacing is less costly than buying new kitchen cabinets and paying to install them.
  • Your kitchen can have a new face - a different cabinet wood species or door style, for example - without the mess and frustration of having the entire kitchen torn apart.

Other Kitchen Design Updates

As you debate which home improvement projects to tackle, look for ones that provide a good return on investment. This typically involves replacing products without tearing into walls, reconfiguring spaces or adding plumbing or electrical services. Among the options are:
  • A new countertop - if your old laminate countertop is scratched and dated, look for a new stone-like pattern. Or, splurge on granite countertops for an upscale look.
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware - try adding rustic iron handles or crisp white porcelain knobs.
  • A kitchen faucet - a new faucet might cost $75 to $200, a solid investment in your kitchen design.
  • New paint - in bold colors or muted earth tones will set your kitchen apart. Also try faux finishing for a unique design.

Cabinet Refacing Costs

Cabinet refacing typically costs $3,000 to $6,000, depending on the size of the kitchen and the extra touches, such as molding and glass cabinet doors. Cabinet refacing offers a big savings when compared with $25,000 to $35,000 to buy and install new cabinets. As such, this is one home improvement project that is ideal for resale purposes.

About the Author
Allison E. Beatty is a syndicated real estate writer who has been writing home improvement columns for 15 years.