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Cabinet Refacing: A Day at the Bleach

by Joe Cooper
kitchensandcabinets.com Columnist

Making your kitchen cabinets lighter by bleaching is a great alternative to sanding and painting, if you like the style of your current cabinets and don't want to replace them. With this trick, you can achieve a pleasant country look and decrease your cabinet refacing costs, all at once.

Using Color in Cabinet Refacing

You can face any number of challenges in your cabinet refacing project. If painting is part of your plan, beware of things like warping and expanding wood. Sometimes painting can cause cabinet doors to stick during hot weather, due to swelling.

If color is your only complaint with your current cabinets, consider bleaching as an alternative form of cabinet refacing. The only thing you'll have to pay for is commercial wood bleach, available at your local hardware store.

You can lower your cabinet refacing costs even more by creating your own bleach solution: just mix one part laundry bleach (or oxalic acid) with 10 parts water.

The Beauty of Bleaching

Your cabinet refacing project time will be cut in half through bleaching, as there's no stripping or cleaning involved. Simply apply the bleach to your cabinet doors (preferably on a warm day), and wash thoroughly with water afterward.

Bleached cabinets brighten up a kitchen and give it a cleaner appearance. A quaint country texture can be created by using bleach, a look that's harder to achieve with paint. For an easier kitchen cabinet refacing, lower costs, and a homey, country look, consider bleach as an alternative to paint.

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