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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Avoid the Remodeling Headache, Enjoy the Results

by Joe Cooper
KitchensAndCabinets.com Columnist

Around 60% of the cost of a kitchen remodeling is spent on kitchen cabinets. Refacing instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets can save you and your family many common kitchen remodeling headaches.

A Daunting Task

Let's face it: remodeling is a must at some point in a home's life. Kitchen remodeling can be one of the most involved of remodeling projects, daunting in its price, timeline, and effect on a household.

A "midrange" kitchen remodel is almost $45,000 according to Remodeling magazine. A kitchen remodeling can be "very disruptive to a family," writes Market Day, a World News publication.

Homeowner Deirdre Reilly shared her kitchen remodeling experience with a newspaper in a suburb of Boston. Washing dishes in the bathroom, storing food in the dining room, running into contractor, plasterers, tilers, and painters at all hours of the day... Her kitchen remodeling experience was less than hassle-free.

So how do you avoid the trouble of a standard kitchen remodeling while still giving your kitchen the update it badly needs?

Avoiding the Headache

Kitchen cabinet refacing has been widely publicized as a great alternative to a complete kitchen remodel. If 60% of a kitchen's remodeling costs are assigned to cabinetry, keeping what you already have can save you and your family much needed time and money.

Refacing kitchen cabinets, adding new hardware, and even installing some new functionality in your kitchen cabinets can save you any number of headaches in a kitchen remodel. Not to mention the time savings: kitchen cabinet refacing can be completed in a number of days, eliminating the weeks and even months needed for a full kitchen remodeling.

Avoiding remodeling headaches and saving your sanity are two key benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing--another, of course, is a great-looking kitchen.

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