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Add a Few Replacement Windows While Refacing Cabinets

by Allison E. Beatty
kitchensandcabinets.com Columnist

Had enough of those old drafty kitchen windows? Consider adding replacement windows during a kitchen cabinet refacing project. Here's how to select the right window style.

Look to Home's Architecture when Buying Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are made in a variety of styles and can fit into any kitchen design. They can help unify the overall kitchen design during a cabinet refacing project.

The key to selecting the right window style is to follow the architectural details of the home. In some cases, that means using the same style window as the old one, but sometimes it requires a shift in design. For example:
  • A traditional home might include double-hung windows
  • A contemporary home might have large picture windows or casement windows

What Are All these Window Styles?

  • Casement windows hinge at the side and crank outward.
  • Double-hung windows open vertically and have a sash that slides up and down.
  • Gliding windows open horizontally with a sash that slides to one side.
  • Picture windows are stationary windows that are more decorative than functional. They often are combined with casement or double hung windows on each side.

Blend Replacement Windows with Cabinet Refacing

The style of replacement window should also blend with the details of your new cabinet refacing. This includes blending the windows with:
  • The type of wood used for the cabinet refacing
  • The door front style
  • Any stain or extra details used in the kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware

Other Replacement Window Details

When selecting the style of replacement window, consider the type of window material. A wood window will fit more closely with an old house, as wood the type of material used originally during that era. In a new home, consider adding vinyl replacement windows as a low-maintenance option.

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