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Kitchen Accessories That Save Young Lives

by Gabby Hyman
Kitchens and Cabinets Columnist
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Once you have children, everything in your life changes. Yet many people who remodel their kitchens don't take into consideration the risk their new designs may present to young ones. These days, most home accessory stores sell child-proofing gadgets. The latest childproof kitchen accessories are often camouflaged so you won't compromise on design or appearance. And you can remove them later, when your kids are old enough to fend for themselves.

According to Safe Kids USA, accidental injury is the top cause of child fatality. Every year, more than 4.5 million children are injured at home. A great many injuries occur in the kitchen, where children are severely burned by the stove, toaster, broilers, and other kitchen accessories. The very first time your cheese grater, dicing knife, or potato peeler goes missing, you'll get motivated.

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Home Kitchen Accessories Designed for Child Safety

One way to keep kids out of a working kitchen entirely is to install a self-closing safety gate. Gates can be pressure mounted, if you don't want mountings and holes, or there are hardware-mounted gates with extensions for wider openings.

Here are some other cool gadgets you'll find at most kitchen accessory stores:
  • Cabinet latches. Inexpensive, spring-loaded, and hidden inside your kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  • Oven and refrigerator locks. Many use buckles or latches that prevent small hands from operating the oven or opening fridge doors.
  • Oversized stove knob covers. Just like oversize door knobs, these prevent curious toddlers from turning the stove on or off.
  • Appliance, kitchen accessory, lighting, or disposal switch locks. Plastic plates install over toggle switches in the kitchen so kids can't operate them.
  • Stove splash shields. These heat-resistant plastic home accessories mount in front of the burners to keep kids' hands out and contain foods that splash.

Gate systems can be pricey, but they're well worth it. The other kitchen accessories are so inexpensive why go without them?

About the Author
Gabby Hyman has created online strategies and written content for Fortune 500 companies including eToys, GoTo.com, Siebel Systems, Microsoft Encarta, Avaya, and Nissan UK.

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