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Getting Back to Basics: Traditional Cabinet Design

by Kelly Richardson
Kitchens and Cabinets Columnist
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If you have a taste for the simple designs that made this country great, you will love a traditional cabinet design. Smooth clean lines and basic hardware make this kitchen cabinet design a real winner.

Nothing says home in quite the same way as a traditional cabinet design. Made of solid materials and fine craftsmanship, traditional cabinet designs let the world know that you have impeccable taste. With the traditional kitchen cabinet, you select a design that is easy to accent and blend. It is the perfect choice to go along with the kitchen design that is currently in your home. Here are some of the characteristics of the traditional cabinet design that you are sure to love.

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Kitchen Cabinet Design: Traditional

  • Basic Materials. Most traditional kitchen cabinet designs are made of solid wooden materials such as the tiger maple or the poplar.
  • Simple Designs. Another attractive feature of the traditional kitchen cabinet designs is the simplicity and clean lines of the door decoration.
  • Rustic Hardware. Handles and hinges of a traditional kitchen cabinet design come in brass, burnished metal, or rustic finishes.

For a contemporary aspect to the traditional kitchen cabinet designs, you can have them custom made depending upon their desired use. You don't just have to settle for plain box cabinets. Your traditional kitchen cabinet designs come with rolling covers, uncovered display compartments, and a variety of other special flavors.

The Traditional Cabinet Design: Extras

  • Multilevel. Your traditional kitchen cabinet designs can be created with multilevel spacers in the framework that allow you to store a variety of containers of varying sizes.
  • Varying Finishes. With several finishes to choose from, selecting the traditional kitchen cabinet designs is as easy as it can be.

For a simple, clean kitchen cabinet design than is always en vogue, look to traditional style cabinet designs at your local home and garden center.

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